“Richard Christian Matheson is one of a handful of resourceful, fear-minded authors helping to create a new sensibility in horror fiction that is as frightening and merciless as the modern world itself.”

“Richard Christian Matheson is a great, ingenious horror writer. His works are minor masterpieces.” THE NEW YORK TIMES

“RC is a master of compression. He knows how to catch a moment in words and convey it straight to the reader’s head or heart; often both. What RC does is a lot harder than it looks. I know. I’ve tried. And over the years, RC has done it countless times.”

“A man who writes stories like these is a dangerous man.”

“Richard writes as well as Ray Bradbury. His use of language is astonishing. Every new work by Richard takes on greater depth and uncanny skill with language. It is with a father’s great pride and a writer’s unanticipated wonderment to realize that, literally, such writing is beyond my ability. Richard has achieved a high creative plateau. He’s brilliant.”

“Richard Christian Matheson’s writing is tight and suspenseful and will haunt you.” WILLIAM FRIEDKEN, Director of THE EXORCIST, THE

“There are, occasionally, writers who are able to combine both story and style. They are, of course, the best. There are a few successful combiners of style and story in this field; the late Theodore Sturgeon, the early Ray Bradbury ... and Richard Christian Matheson. It’s not unusual for writers to gravitate toward stories of the vignette or almost-vignette-length, but it is very unusual to find that rare combination of style and narrative substance in such stories. Richard Christian Matheson is remarkable.” STEPHEN KING

“Richard Christian’s short stories are miniature masterpieces of compression and tension.” PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY (starred review)

“As I read CREATED BY, my life flashed before me (only sexier). Paddy Cheyefsky rolled over in his grave, and television’s A-List frantically searched their offices for the hidden cameras Richard Christian Matheson surely placed there.” BRANDON TARTIKOFF, President of NBC and former President of PARAMOUNT PICTURES

“Richard Christian Matheson’s novel CREATED BY is not only a tale about a writer and his TV creation gone terribly wrong, but it’s a tale told with similes and metaphors so engaging and deeply descriptive it put me to shame. I have been writing for over forty years and in my own opinion have never written anything as complex or darkly interesting. I stand in awe of Richard’s impressive talent; his unbelievable ability to slam a verb up against a noun, putting words and thoughts together in ways never intended. But somehow, every time he ends up with nuanced perfection. I’m jealous.” STEPHEN J.CANNELL bestselling novelist and writer/creator of THE ROCKFORD FILES, BARETTA, THE A-TEAM, WISEGUY and others.

“Some 49 years ago I received a wonderful letter from a young writer named Richard Matheson. He enclosed one of his first published stories. I read it to my wife and she loved it as much as I did. I immediately wrote Richard Matheson to say that if he continued in this vein, he had a great career as a writer. It turns out that my intuition was correct. Now, all these years later, I pick up a story by Richard Christian Matheson, who is already in mid-career and doesn’t need me to walk up and down outside his house bearing a sandwich board on which is written FUTURE SUCCESS GUARANTEED. LIKE FATHER LIKE SON, etc. While I am talking, he is rounding the bases with another home-run. With eyes shut, I see into his elder years and behold his father’s clone triumph in 2010, 2030 and so on far into the next century. His genetics are in full-charge, his imagination simply cannot stop. I would pat him on the back but he has already dashed out to write a dozen more stories, a novel, and a screenplay. I hope that up ahead he clones yet another son to continue the fire-works.” RAY BRADBURY

”Imagine a Rosetta microchip. Compact, succinct, precise. Universes in there. Richard’s stories are like a drop of biowar culture. Like a speck of neutron star that weighs a million tons. About the length of the blowgun dart that clips to his knees the consumer of cake-thick, water-inflated paperbacks, wondering what the fuck just stung him to death. Richard writes high-powered short stories. Will. Payload. Intent. Aim. Delivery. Coda. In the blink of an eye. Or faster. Don’t blink. Start reading. You’re already behind.” DAVID J. SCHOW (The Crow)

“Richard Christian Matheson’s short, elegant, and often brutal stories have made his name well-known in the horror genre. This is the sort of intelligent, even thoughtful fiction that floats far above the usual categories. No one else could have thought to write this way; no one else would have imagined it possible.” PETER STRAUB

“Richard Christian Matheson’s stories are haiku-like in their brevity. Economic, elegantly succinct, often darkly comic, they slice directly to your soul with surgical precision—surgery performed with no anesthesia. In lesser hands, the drop-dead endings, the staccato sentences, the ironic twists would simply not succeed. But for Matheson, they become unique and effective style. Even when taken to the nth degree—as in “Vampire” a short-short written entirely in one-word sentences, or the literal list of 25 “Things to Get”—it works. Even when “cute”—the intensely paranoid “Wyom...”, “Graduation” is a series of gradually disconcerting letters from a son away at school, “Obituary” is just that, “Conversation Piece” is a ‘transcribed’ Q&A session—it works. But Matheson can also be ambiguously poignant and insightful (“Who’s You In America”), make modern cinema metaphoric (“City of Dreams”), re-create the history of a fictional rock’n’roll band with vivid snippets or pseudo-journalism (“Whatever”), and explore the aberrant (“Region of the Flesh,” “Mutilator”). Matheson’s short stories have been appearing in anthologies and magazines since 1977 and he’s published a single novel, CREATED BY (1993). This new omnibus should serve to introduce him to new readers as well as confirm his rightful place as one of the best writers of modern dark fiction.” PAULA GURAN, fiction editor DARK ECHO HORROR
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