Richard Christian Matheson is a novelist, short story writer and screenwriter/producer.

He has written and co-written feature film and television projects for Richard Donner, Joel Silver, Ivan Reitman, Steven Spielberg, and many others. To date, Matheson has written and sold twelve original, spec feature scripts; considered a record. He has written and produced over fifteen primetime series and written and produced mini-series, movies, episodes and pilots for SHOWTIME, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, TNT and SPIKE.

Matheson has had nine films produced, including the critically acclaimed, paranoid satire THREE O'CLOCK HIGH which THE NEW YORK TIMES called "...brilliantly subversive".

He recently wrote three scripts for SHOWTIME’s “MASTERS OF HORROR” (the first two directed by Tobe Hooper) and TNT’s “NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES”. His adaptation of Stephen King’s, short story “Battleground” a one-hour episode starring William Hurt, was critically hailed by THE NEW YORK TIMES as “... a minor masterpiece.”

As a prose writer, Matheson is considered a cutting-edge voice in dark, psychological and horror fiction and considered a master of the short story. His critically lauded fiction has been published in scores of major, award-winning anthologies, including multiple times in YEARS BEST HORROR, YEARS BEST FANTASY as well as PENTHOUSE and OMNI magazines.His stories are collected in SCARS And Other Distinguishing Marks, as introduced by Stephen King, and in Matheson's definitive collection, DYSTOPIA, which contains sixty stories. Both have received rave reviews. His critically hailed debut novel, CREATED BY, was Bantams hardcover lead, a Bram Stoker Award winner for best first novel and a Book-Of-The-Month Club lead selection. It has been translated into several languages.

Matheson has also been a professional/studio drummer for over thirty years and studied privately with the legendary CREAM drummer Ginger Baker.

Jason D. McKean is an art director, musician, composer/songwriter, and has had a lifelong interest in filmmaking.

He has scored the soundtracks for 4 features, and countless short films, including Richard Christian Matheson's adaptation of his erotic short story "Arousal."

GREASE TREK, a film parody that he created with his brother Scott, was his first foray into shooting with blue screen and compositing with digital backgrounds. The film has garnered international praise and was a part of the official 40th Anniversary Star Trek conventions across the US.

McKean has written and produced 7 albums and his meditation albums have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. He has collaborated on two Existers albums, "of Coffins & Carousels" and "Tiger Walkin' Weather" with Richard Christian Matheson (drums / co-producer). Currently, he is producing a 30-song album for the band SMASH-CUT, consisting of Matheson, Preston Sturges Jr. and Craig Spector.

He lives in Malibu with his wife Sumire, dog Archie, computers, and American Civil War collection.

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Acting, improvisation, singing, artistry and performing many different characterizations have always been part of the norm for Michael Bayouth. He can be seen in Albert Pyun's "Bulletface", soon to be released by Lions Gate Films

In 1985, his career of performing began at The Comedy Store with his Improv
With his skills in comedy writing, graphic design, illustration and movie advertising, along with a director’s eye for story boarding, Michael landed the rare opportunity to work as a comedy
writer with Dave Thomas and Mike Meyers.

Along with pursuing a career as an actor, Michael Bayouth is also a writer, producer and director. Bayouth Productions has produced a feature-length horror film SAM HELL, a feature-length comedy, countless short films and currently has many projects in various stages of development.